Luca Valdesi

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Luca Valdesi
Born (1976-06-18) 18 June 1976 (age 38)
Palermo (Sicily) Italy
Style Shotokan[1]
Teacher(s) Claudio Culasso, Professor Pierluigi Aschieri,
Rank Black Belt, 5th Dan
Luca Valdesi
Medal record
Men's karate
Competitor for  Italy
World Games
Gold 2009 Kaohsiung Kata individual
Silver 2001 Akita Kata individual
Silver 2005 Duisburg Kata individual
Karate World Championships
Gold 2004 Monterrey Kata individual
Gold 2004 Monterrey Kata team
Gold 2006 Tampere Kata individual
Gold 2006 Tampere Kata team
Gold 2008 Tokyo Kata individual
Gold 2010 Belgrad Kata team
Silver 1998 Rio de Janeiro Kata team
Silver 2010 Belgrad Kata individual
Silver 2012 Paris Kata team
Bronze 1996 Johannesburg Kata team
Bronze 2000 Munich Kata individual
Bronze 2002 Madrid Kata team
Bronze 2008 Tokyo Kata team
Bronze 2012 Paris Kata individual

Luca Valdesi (born June 18, 1976, in Palermo, Italy) is a Karate world champion in both Team and Individual Kata events.[2] Valdesi began his study of Karate at age six, under the guidance of his father Andrea, at several city gyms.


In 1995 Valdesi joined the prestigious Karate team of the Fiamme Gialle (the Italian Financial Police). National call-ups began immediately for Valdesi. Soon after the national call-ups, the first international wins arrived, initially with the Karate team of the Fiamme Gialle. Soon after, Valdesi began winning events as an individual. Valdesi has been winning the Italian Individual Championship since 1995 and the European Senior Championship since 2000.[3]

Valdesi is trained by the general coach of the Fiamme Gialle Karate Team, Claudio Culasso and by the general coach of the FIJLKAM National Team, Professor Pierluigi Aschieri, as well as his father, who looks after Valdesi during training sessions and at competitions.

Outside of Karate[edit]

In 2001, Valdesi married dancer, Ada Spinella. In February 2004, Valdesi's son, Andrea was born. In November of the same year, Valdesi completed a degree in business economics, crediting his success to the support from his family.


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