Lucalia Clubman

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Lucalia P4 / P6
Manufacturer Nick Lockyer / Lucalia Partnerships
Also called Lucalia Clubman
Production 1970–1982
Assembly Tasmania, Australia
Body and chassis
Class Sports car
Body style Roadster
Layout FR layout
Transmission Manual
Curb weight 650 KG (Varies)

The Lucalia Clubman is a Clubman-style sportscar designed by Nick Lockyer in 1966. It was based upon the Lotus Super Seven (1957) design. A total of ten Lucalia Clubman's were produced in the 1970s to early 1980s and were manufactured in Tasmania, Australia.


Lucalia Clubmans are of a Front-engine, rear-wheel drive (FR) configuration as per the Lotus Super Seven with unequal length double wishbone front suspension and a solid rear axle built around a steel space frame chassis.

All Lucalias were originally fitted with an inline four cylinder engine and drivetrain components of Japanese origin.

Model Variations[edit]


P4 is the standard model designation for the Lucalia Clubman. The majority of Lucalias built were of the P4 specification.


The Lucalia P6 Clubman was built wider and longer than the P4 Clubman but shares the majority of mechanical components and running gear.

Notable Drivers[edit]

  • Richard Bradtke - 1972 Lucalia P4 [1]
  • Craig Bradtke - Lucalia P4[2]
  • David Ayers / David Dungey - 1982 Lucalia P6[3]


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