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Riverscene with animals.

Lucas Achtschellinck (baptized 16 January 1626 – 12 May 1699 (buried)), was a Flemish landscape painter.

He was probably the grandson of Lukas Achtschelling. He was born in Brussels and entered the Brussels painters guild on 26 October 1639 as a scholar of Pieter van der Borcht. He seems to have travelled in the following years as he gained his admittance as master only in 1657. On 13 March 1674 he married with Anna Parys.

Achtschellick is a typical follower of Rubens' style of painting landscapes. He was mainly influenced by Jacques d'Arthois. He painted large wooded sceneries for churches and cloisters, which were then garnished by others with characters and events from the Holy Bible. Achtschellinck used to paint the landscapes in many of the important works of the Flemish painter Gaspar de Crayer (1582–1669).

The leading Brussels landscape artists were, besides Lucas Achtschellinck, his teacher Lodewijk de Vadder (1605–1655),[1] and Jacques d'Arthois (1603–1686). They are usually referred to collectively as "The Soignies Forest Painters".


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