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Coordinates: 43°48′N 10°30′E / 43.8°N 10.5°E / 43.8; 10.5

Lucca Comics and Games
Lucca Comics 2007 San Michele.JPG
A Lucca Comics pavilion, near the San Michele in Foro basilica, in 2007.
Status active
Location(s) Lucca
Country Italy
Inaugurated 1966
Attendance 217,646 by 2013[1]
Organized by Comune of Lucca, through the limited company "Lucca Comics & Games Srl"[2]

Lucca Comics & Games is an annual comic book and gaming convention in Lucca, Tuscany (Italy). It takes place, usually, at the end of October.

Launched in 1966, the event grew in size and importance over the years. It began in one small square in the center of Lucca, then in the 1980s was moved to a sports center outside the city walls. In 2006, for the 40th anniversary, the fair was moved back to the city center, with numerous tents and pavilions arranged in different squares within the walls of this medieval city.

With 217,646 visitors in 2013 (included the press, guest and organization 264,454 visitors), it is the second most popular comic fair in Europe (after the Angoulême Comics Festival in France) and the third in the world (the first is the Comiket in Tokyo, Japan).


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