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Luchazes is a municipality in Moxico province, Angola. It is one of the four Municipalities predominantly inhabited by the Mbunda in Angola. Its principal town is Cangamba, a name derived from a Mbunda Chief who ruled the area before Portuguese colonial occupation.[1]

Cangamba was the scene of the Battle of Cangamba, between UNITA troops backed by South Africa and MPLA-Angolan government backed by Cubans fighters and advisers in the Angolan Civil War (1975–2002). Since 2004, more than one thousand Angolan families who had sought refuge in neighboring Zambia have returned, causing serious humanitarian issues.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 13°42′04″S 19°51′36″E / 13.70111°S 19.86000°E / -13.70111; 19.86000