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Lucille Cedercrans (1921 - 1984) was a(n) esoteric (intellectual) mystic apparently influenced by ecumenical gnostic theism, particularly (neo-)Theosophy.

'Lucille Cedercrans traveled extensively, developing and moving from one group center to another in response to an inner call. She would throw her things into suitcases, ask someone to send on her papers, and rush off. [...] This mobility and continual movement was, in part, by design. Lucille’s intent was not to form an organization and have her work become an institution. ... '--Wisdom Impressions.[1] However, her work interested enough people that the Wisdom Impressions 'institution,' or group of perennial Philosophers, such as Theosophists, focused on publishing her work, still exists; so do others and people that refer to her texts in their work.

Some Theosophists might title a book The Nature of The Buddhi if they wrote it like Cedercrans' The Nature of The Soul. She did use Eastern terms, but may have tried to use more English (or other Western science languages) ones.

She wrote an encyclopedic-sized set of articles (now in volumes,) and her works include:

The Nature of The Soul
The Soul And Its Instrument
Creative Thinking
Leadership Training
The Disciple and Economy
The Path of Initiation
Ashramic Projections
Applied Wisdom
Headquarters Instruction


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