Lucius Antonius (grandson of Mark Antony)

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Lucius Antonius (20 BCE – 34 CE) was the eldest son of Iullus Antonius and Claudia Marcella Major. He was the grandson of triumvir Mark Antony and Octavia (sister of Augustus). Lucius' younger siblings were Gaius Antonius and Iulla Antonia. His maternal half-sister was Vipsania Marcella.

His father was charged with adultery in 2 BCE with Julia (daughter of Augustus) and was forced to commit suicide. Lucius was exiled to Marseille as a result of his father's indescretion. In Marseille he studied law and returned fifteen years later under the reign of Tiberius. He was elected quaestor in 15 and was a Praetor's clerk from 16 to 18. He was then Praetor Urbinus in 19. After his term as Praetor, Lucius became governor of Hispania Tarraconesis. He returned to Rome to run for consul in 27, but fell very ill and was unable. Lucius later retired from politics in 31 AD.

In his later life, Lucius married Junilla. Together they had a son and a daughter. Their son, Marcus Antonius Primus, was born in 32, and their daughter Antonia Postuma was born posthumously in 34. Lucius died of unknown causes in 34 AD, at age 53. It is possible that he was poisoned by Junilla so that she could marry the future emperor Galba. Lucius received a state funeral and was laid in the Tomb of the Octavii.