Lucius Clodius Tineius Pupienus Bassus

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Lucius Clodius Tineius Pupienus Bassus (c. 220 – after 250) was a Roman politician.

He was the son of Tiberius Clodius Pupienus Pulcher Maximus and Tineia and paternal grandson of Pupienus, later Emperor, and wife Sextia Cethegilla.

He was Proconsul of Cyrenea in 250 AD. He was a direct descendant of Emperor Augustus through his mother Tineia.

He married Ovinia Paterna, born c. 220, daughter of Lucius Ovinius Pacatianus and wife Cornelia Optata Aquilia Flavia, and had a son Marcus Tineius Ovinius Castus Pulcher in 240 AD.