Lucius Pedanius Secundus

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Lucius Pedanius Secundus (d. A.D.61, Rome) was a Roman politician in the 1st century AD under the Emperor Claudius. He was Consul from March to July 43. In the year 56, he was appointed Praefectus urbi. The details of his tenure are not readily known, only that he was murdered in the year 61 stabbed by one of his slaves. The Senate, in particular Gaius Cassius Longinus,[1] then demanded execution of all of his 400 household slaves in accordance with Roman law. The common people demanded the release of the innocent, but Nero deployed the Roman army to prevent the mob from disrupting the executions. Lucius is also featured in a TED Ed video on " Teenage Life in Ancient Rome " The video has some errors, such as calling him Lucius Popidus Secundus, and also stating that the emperor which he served under was Vespasian, not Claudius. The video also says he had a stepbrother. The Domitian scene quotes " The emperor's youngest son, Domitian, enacts a reign of terror. Will Lucius survive?" The emperor is Vespasian.


  1. ^ Not to be confused with the much earlier and much more famous plotter against Julius Caesar