Lucius Volusius Saturninus (Augur)

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Lucius Volusius Saturninus was a Suffect consul[1] that lived in the Roman Empire in the second half of the 1st century and possibly in the first half of the 2nd century.

Saturninus was the son of the Pontifex Maximus of Rome, Lucius Volusius Saturninus from an unnamed wife.[2] His known grandparents were his paternal ones who were the noted Roman statesman Lucius Volusius Saturninus and Cornelia Lentula.[3] He was born and raised in Rome.

Saturninus lived in ca. 80.[4] In his political career, Saturninus served as an served as an Augur and later, as a Suffect consul[5] at an unknown dates. His political career is known from the funerary inscription of his wife found in Rome,[6] which is dated from the second half of the 1st century til the first half of the 2nd century which is now on display at the National Museum of Rome.[7]

Saturninus married his paternal second cousin Licinia Cornelia Volusia Torquata.[8][9] Torquata bore Saturninus two daughters:

  • Volusia, married Marcus Aquilius Regulus.[10] Their possible relative could have been Marcus Metilius Aquillius Regulus Nepos Volusius Torquatus Fronto who served as a consul in 157.
  • Volusia Torquata, married Lucius Pomponius Bassus, Suffect consul of 118.[11]