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LuckyMe LOGO 02.jpg
Founded 7 July 2007
Founder Ross Birchard
Dominic Sum Flannigan
Martyn Flyn
Mike Slott
Genre Various
Country of origin Scotland
Location Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Official website

LuckyMe is a United Kingdom-based record label and design studio specialising in the release of new electronic hip hop, pop, rock and underground dance music. Referred to as "one of the most innovative and prolific independent record labels of the decade" and acclaimed for “distinctive visual arts projects and collaborations”.[1][2][3][4][5]



The label was founded in Glasgow, Scotland, on 7 July 2007, by Mike Slott; Dominic Sum Flannigan; Martyn Flyn; and Ross Birchard, also known as Warp Records recording artist Hudson Mohawke.[6][7] LuckyMe incorporated producers, rappers and designers, reflecting Flannigan’s Art school training. ‘We’re essentially a record label… but we also function as a design consultancy too. Most of the work we do at the moment is self-originated, though, and that involves all of our record sleeves and flyers.’[4]

As well as operating as a design studio and label, LuckyMe began to co-run a series of music events in Glasgow called Ballers Social Club at which many of the label’s artists performed as residents, and the visual aspects of the night - identity, visual installations and flyer art - were undertaken by the design studio.[8] A short run of club nights - LuckyMe: Drums - were run in 2007 at Edinburgh’s Octopus Diamond, at the launch 100 CD-Rs were given out entitled Hudson Mohawke - Drums Vol. One. At these events Flannigan and Flyn first met Rustie, Tom Trago, Linkwood & Eclair Fifi.[9] The first LuckyMe Edinburgh Festival Party was launched in 2008.[10]

In 2008, LuckyMe's first record was pressed and released alongside Wireblock - a limited edition white label, Hudson Mohawke's first release Ooops!.[11][12]


The New Yorker praised LuckyMe as one of their favourite sites of 2009.[13] The 2nd Annual Edinburgh Festival Party was held at Electric Circus with a visual installation by Pageant.[14]

In June 2010, Sónar festival in Barcelona invited LuckyMe to curate 3 hours on stage at Sonar By Night, in which Hudson Mohawke, Eclair Fifi, Lunice, Machinedrum, The Blessings and AmericanMen performed live, hosted by Olivier Daysoul with visuals by Dominic Flannigan.[15][16] The label was also invited to New York to showcase the label’s music at a collaborative event with Goodpeoples in which Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Mike Slott, The Blessings, Machinedrum, Eclair Fifi, Cubic Zirconia, Azealia Banks, Jacques Greene and Lunice played.[17]

As part of Edinburgh Festival Mike Slott performed a live film score at a screening of Andrei Zvyagintsev’s The Return.[18] LuckyMe released records by Jacques Greene, Lunice and Machinedrum and performed at an RBMA Culture Clash in Toronto.[19][20] In a late 2011 review of Ango’s Another City Now (released on LuckyMe in 2012) Boiler Room wrote 'if you can think of a label that's been quite as 'on point' musically and visually, as LuckyMe over the last few years, then you're a brilliant thinker. Seriously..'[21]


TNGHT, The collaborative project between Lunice and Hudson Mohawke released their official debut – TNGHT EP through LuckyMe with Warp. On 30th November 2012 TNGHT performed at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg, which featured an appearance by rapper/producer Kanye West during a remix of West's Cold.[22] The duo co-produced Kanye West's song Blood on the Leaves from his critically acclaimed album Yeezus. The song samples TNGHT's track R U Ready. [23]

S-Type toured alongside AlunaGeorge and was given Best New Track by Pitchfork in October for the title song from the Billboard EP.[24][25] Machinedrum’s Van Vogue from the SXLND EP was used by Azealia Banks for her single 1991. Hudson Mohawke was commissioned for an official remix of Björk.[26] LuckyMe were in Fact’s 10 Best Label’s of 2012, the magazine complimented the ‘website, essential mix series and inspired giveaways’, referring to S-Type’s Billboard and Machinedrums SXLND as essential releases.[27] The mixtape series launched officially on iTunes as a podcast. Eclair Fifi began a residency on British national station BBC Radio 1. [28]

The label started a 6-part series of mix shows on Mista Jam’s Daily Dose Show on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Lunice hosted the first show followed by Ango, Eclair Fifi, The Blessings, Obey City and S-Type. Rinse FM invited LuckyMe to start a bi-weekly show, which featured The Blessings, Eclair Fifi, Obey City and Joseph Marinetti.[29] The Yolo Bear EP was released and launched over 3 cities on the same night with DJ Yolo Bear “performing” in New York, London and Edinburgh.[30][31]


LuckyMe were referred to as defining the sound of 2014 along with other British labels ‘carrying the torch lit by legendary British independents such as Rough Trade, Warp and Domino.’ by The Guardian[32] The label’s producers formed a stronger relationship with pop music as new signing Cashmere Cat released music with Ariana Grande, Ludacris, Tinashe and Charli XCX amongst others. The label and studio were given creative freedom on the Boiler Room launch of Hudson Mohawke's Chimes in Los Angeles. Director Dominic Flannigan curated an indulgent set of performances which featured costume design by Tirsh Hunter (known for her work on Björk's Wunderlust video) and sets by Flying Lotus and Lunice.[33][34][35]

The label co-curated a SXSW event with Warp at which a number of its roster performed, as well as a showcase at Miami Winter Music Conference with performances by Cashmere Cat, Jacques Greene, Obey City and Joseph Marinetti. The label’s artists also performed at MoMA PS1 warm-up in New York and main stages at Field Day festival in London. Eclair Fifi starred in a campaign as an artist and model for H&M.[36][37]

LuckyMe released Claude Speeed's debut album My Skeleton.[38] The studio produced videos for new releases by Cashmere Cat, Lunice, Rustie and Joseph Marinetti, and the label released records by Jacques Greene, Tim Vocals, S-Type, Sevendeaths and Baauer.[19][39]

S-Type and Hudson Mohawke produced The Rap Monument - one of the longest rap songs of all time, wherein 36 rappers were recorded over a 42 minute compositon by Nick Hook in studios across several different cities..[40][41][42]

Artist collective and design studio[edit]

In addition to releasing music, LuckyMe operates as a visual art studio staffed by former Glasgow School of Art students. As a studio, LuckyMe has undertaken design work in the fashion and music industries, completing print, film, public events, websites, and sculptural projects.[4]

In July 2011 LuckyMe launched an Augmented Reality project for Becks in several sites including Shoreditch in East London, where viewers could listen to LuckyMe’s artists’ music by walking round a green box, 2.5 metre 3D eyeballs appeared to float in the street, changing as the viewer moved, each eyeball visually represented different artists music.[43] Photographer Christina Kernohan exhibited her work in a solo exhibition Gammel Butikken in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh as part of Edinburgh Festival and has shot official press photography for Chvrches, Theophilus London and Optimo.[44][45]

The design studio received acclaim for the album artwork on Machinedrum’s Ninja Tune release Vapor City, directed and designed by Eclair Fifi and Dominic Flannigan, the design was featured as part of the Record Sleeves of the month piece in Creative Review.[46]

In 2014, LuckyMe studio’s in-house director and cinematographer Peter Marsden was praised across several press platforms for his work on videos for Rustie ft. Danny Brown Attak, Cashmere Cat Wedding Bells and Lunice Can’t Wait To.[47] [48] [49]



  • Hudson Mohawke - Says Oops! EP, 12" (June 2008)
  • Nadsroic - Room Mist EP, 12" (July 2009)
  • Mike Slott - Lucky 9Teen LP, 12" (October 2009)
  • American Men - Cool World 2LP, Gatefold 12" (July 2010)
  • Machinedrum - Many Faces EP, 12" (August 2010)
  • TStewart - The Image Generation Album, Cassette (September 2010)
  • Lunice - Stacker Upper EP, 12" (November 2010)
  • Jacques Greene - The Look EP, 12" (November 2010)
  • Jacques Greene - Another Girl Single, 12" (February 2011)
  • Lunice - One Hunned EP, 12" (August 2011)
  • Ango - Another City Now EP, 12" (November 2011)
  • Machinedrum - SXLND EP, 12" (2011)
  • TNGHT - TNGHT EP, 12" (July 2012)
  • Cid Rim - Cid Rim Album, Digital (August 2012)
  • S-Type - Billboard EP, 12" (October 2012)
  • TNGHT - ACRYLICS Single, Digital(April 2013)
  • Jacques Greene - On Your Side EP, 12" (August 2013)
  • Obey City - Champagne Sounds EP, 12" (August 2013)
  • Cid Rim - Mute City EP, 12" (September 2013)
  • Joseph Marinetti - SWM Single, Digital (November 2013)
  • Sevendeaths - Concreté Misery Album, Screen Print Music Bundle (January 2014)
  • Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells EP, 12" (February 2014)
  • Jacques Greene - Phantom Vibrate EP, 12" (April 2014)
  • Jacques Greene - Phantom Vibrate Remixes EP, Digital (May 2014)
  • S-Type - Rosario EP, 12" (June 2014)
  • Tim Vocals - Look Both Ways Single, Digital (June 2014)
  • Baauer - Clang Single, Digital (July 2014)
  • Claude Speeed - My Skeleton Album, CD (July 2014)
  • Lunice - Can't Wait To Single, Digital (July 2014)
  • Baauer - ß EP, Digital (November 2014)
  • Joseph Marinetti - PDA EP, 12" (November 2014)
  • Jacques Greene - After Life After Party EP, Digital (November 2014)

White label series[edit]

  • Machinedrum - Alarma LMW001, 12" (2011)
  • Baauer - Dum Dum LMW002, 12" (September 2012)
  • Yolo Bear - Yolo Bear EP LMW003, 12" (October 2013)

Digital compilations[edit]

  • Various - Ten Tracks (November 2009)
  • Various - LuckyMe Advent Calendar (December 2011)
  • Various - Twelve Days from LuckyMe (December 2012)
  • Various - LuckyMe Advent Calendar (December 2013)
  • Various - LuckyMe Advent (December 2014)




  • Dominic Sum Flannigan
  • Christina Kernohan[53]
  • Ivor Williams
  • Edwin Pickstone
  • Colin Faulks
  • James Mousley[2]
  • Innes Maran
  • Konx-om-Pax
  • Peter Marsden
  • Eclair Fifi


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