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Lucky for Life (which began in Connecticut in 2009 as Lucky4Life) is a US$2 game available in 16 states and the District of Columbia as of January 27, 2015; its slogan is The Game of a Lifetime. Its drawings remain in Connecticut; Lucky for Life is drawn Mondays and Thursdays at 10:38 pm Eastern Time, using two drawing machines and numbered balls.[1] The Connecticut-only version began on March 29, 2009; it became Lucky for Life three years later as it became a regional game, with a modified version (adding a second "lifetime" prize tier) available on September 17, 2013.

Lucky For Life is one of three lottery games available through each of the 17 lotteries. (The 2009 Mega Millions/Powerball cross-selling agreement allowed American lotteries, which could each offer either "national" game before January 31, 2010, to add the other on that date.

First- and second-prize payouts[edit]

Unlike other American lottery games (the exception being Cash4Life, offered in New Jersey and New York), Lucky for Life offers two annuitized prize levels; both are advertised as "lifetime" prizes. Beginning with the 2013 game modification, a first-prize winner can choose cash in lieu of the lifetime annuity; second-prize winners also are offered a cash option. A first-prize winner, if the annuity is chosen, receives, or shares, the equivalent of "$1,000 a day for life" (the timing of the payments is according to the rules where the ticket was sold), with a 20-year guarantee; if the winner dies, payments continue to the winner's estate.[2] (The Connecticut-only game's top prize was "$2,000-per-week-for-life", also split among multiple winners.) Second prize is $25,000 per year for life ($10,000 cash in the Connecticut version, and $25,000 cash in the original version of the regional game.)

Lucky for Life uses a 5/48 (white balls) + 1/18 (green "Lucky Balls"); its 2013 game modification had 43 balls in each of the two drums, while the previous version was 5/40 + 1/21. (The Connecticut-only game drew four white balls and a green "Lucky Ball"; hence the name Lucky4Life.)

Winning and probability[edit]

A player wins a prize according to the following chart (beginning January 27, 2015):

Matches Prize Approximate
of winning on a $2 bet
White balls
Lucky Ball
5 1 $1,000/day or cash option† 1: (48C5×18)
5 0 $25,000/yr or cash option†† 1: (48C5×48/47)
4 1 $5,000††† 1:
4 0 $200 1:
3 1 $150 1:
2 1 $20 1:
3 0 $25 1:
1 1 $3 1:
0 1 $6 1:
2 0 $4 1:

†First-prize cash option is $5,750,000. ††Second-prize cash option is $390,000. The cash option amounts are decided by a unanimous vote of the LFL lotteries; these amounts are posted at least 30 days before the change(s) occur. †††Second- and third prizes have liability limits as well.

The prize pool is approximately 60 percent of sales.

The overall odds of winning are 1:

Lucky for Life members[edit]

  • Arkansas ††
  • Connecticut (original member)
  • Delaware ††
  • District of Columbia ††
  • Idaho ††
  • Iowa ††
  • Kentucky ††
  • Maine †
  • Massachusetts †
  • Michigan ††
  • Minnesota ††
  • Missouri ††
  • Montana ††
  • New Hampshire †
  • Rhode Island †
  • South Carolina ††
  • Vermont †
    • † Joined LFL in 2012.
    • †† Joined LFL on January 27, 2015.

Delaware retired its Cash 5 game to make room for LFL.

The minimum age to play LFL is 18, except in Iowa where 21 is the minimum age for purchasing lottery tickets.

See also[edit]

  • Cash4Life, a similar game offered in New York and New Jersey.