Lucky Bay, South Australia

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Lucky Bay
South Australia
Lucky Bay is located in South Australia
Lucky Bay
Lucky Bay
Coordinates 33°42′11″S 137°02′06″E / 33.703°S 137.035°E / -33.703; 137.035Coordinates: 33°42′11″S 137°02′06″E / 33.703°S 137.035°E / -33.703; 137.035
Population 80 (2006 Census)[1]
Postcode(s) 5602
Location 198 km (123 mi) NW of Adelaide
LGA(s) District Council of Franklin Harbour

Lucky Bay is a locality in the District Council of Franklin Harbour, on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. It is a terminus for SeaSA's Spencer Gulf passenger ferry and is also earmarked for future iron ore exports. Lucky Bay is located immediately north-east of the Franklin Harbour wetlands. Its adjacent waters lie within the outer boundary of the Franklin Harbor Marine Park.

Current Use[edit]

Passenger & Vehicle Ferry Terminal[edit]

A passenger ferry operated by SeaSA Ltd transports vehicles and passengers across Spencer Gulf between Lucky Bay and Wallaroo. The ferry service commenced in December 2006 and has been an economic boon to the nearby township of Cowell.[2]

The ferry service received an Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA) award the same year 'for its potential to save more than 25,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually from road traffic by providing a cross-Gulf alternative to the lengthy round-Gulf car trip.'[3]

Residential & Recreational[edit]

A modest strip of coastal homes or 'shacks' extends along the coast to the north-east of the ferry terminal.[4] Several of these are available to rent.[5]

Lucky Bay Harbour is exclusively for passenger ferry use, though an expansion of the harbour to facilitate iron ore exports has been proposed.

Beach-launching boat access exists for residents and holiday-makers. The adjacent waters are popular among fishermen, with snapper being one of the region's prized catches.[6]

Fishing is permitted within the Franklin Harbor Marine Park's outer boundary, but is prohibited within several Sanctuary Zones.[7]

Environmental values[edit]

The region is adjacent to the Franklin Harbour wetlands, and two tidal creeks bracket the shack settlement. The sand flats, dunes and beaches are home to or visited by many threatened species, including various migratory waders, the banded stilt, hooded plover and white-bellied sea eagle.[8] The white-bellied sea eagle is listed as endangered in South Australia, under the state's National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. The banded stilt and hooded plover are both listed as vulnerable under the act.[9]

In 2011, the Eyre Peninsula Coastal Action Plan recommended that coastal flora and fauna surveys be conducted from Lucky Bay eastward to Shoalwater Point in order 'to inform future management directions'. This recommendation was in response to 'very inadequate data on biodiversity and habitat values'. It was flagged as a 'high priority' action to undertake.[10]

Franklin Harbor Marine Park[edit]

The Franklin Harbor Marine Park was established to protect habitat for the weedy seadragon which is fully protected under the State's Fisheries Management Act. It is also home to blue swimmer crabs, prawns, King George whiting, sardines and several other commercially important scalefish species.[11]

Environmental threats[edit]

Development is considered one of several threats to this area, including 'a proposed major development that is likely to impact on coastal landforms, habitats and vegetation, as well as increase the visitation, threats and pressure on the coastal areas within the cell if it goes ahead'.[10]

Environmentalists are concerned that the sound and dust pollution from proposed iron ore exports could disturb birds' established feeding behaviours and roosts.[12]

Lucky Bay Common User Export Facility proposal[edit]

On 3 December 2013, a proposal to expand the existing passenger ferry harbour to facilitate the export of iron ore received State Government development approval.[13] The project involves the following entities: SeaSA, Masterplan, Ironclad Mining Ltd and the District Council of Franklin Harbour. While the project claims to be a Common User Export Facility, there is currently only one future user of the port, Ironclad Mining Ltd.

Prior to the development of this export plan, Ironclad Mining had planned to load their ore onto the railway near Whyalla, and export via existing infrastructure at Port Adelaide. This export corridor was approved by the Federal government on 23 September 2011, under the Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act.[14]

Ironclad Mining claims that delays associated with project amendments and approvals cost the company approximately $6 million.[15]

The Lucky Bay Common User Export Facility development was awarded 'Crown Sponsored' development status by the South Australian Government.[16] As a result, development proposal documentation was withdrawn from the general public after a three week open period calling for submissions.

The proposed export plan includes:

  • A road freight corridor from the Wilcherry Hill iron ore mine via Cowell
  • An expanded Lucky Bay harbor
  • Iron ore stockpile with 24 hour operation
  • Waterfront barge-loading facility[16]
  • Transshipment to bulk carriers, moored within the Franklin Harbor Marine Park.


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