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Lene Lovich in 2013

Lucky Number is a song by Lene Lovich. Released in 1979 as a B-side for her cover of "I Think We're Alone Now," the song quickly eclipsed its vehicle in terms of popularity and became a defining song of the new wave genre. Lucky Number was re-recorded and featured on the album Stateless, recorded for Stiff Records. It was also covered by Nina Hagen in German, titled "Wir leben immer… Noch" ("We are living… still"), published on the album Unbehagen, also released in 1979.


The song is composed in D major at 120 beats per minute. The chorus, perhaps unpredictably, consists of four dissonant chords sung in rapid succession. According to Lovich, she "didn't know anything about writing a song, so [the producer] just threw together a vocal line that sounded like a synthesizer." The chorus, coupled with the memorable guitar ostinato and rapid vocal shouts from backup singers gave the song and Lovich her distinctive sound that would define her next several records and, according to Rovi, "the hundreds of bands that followed."[1]


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