Lucy & Carly – The Simon Sisters Sing for Children

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Lucy & Carly - The Simon Sisters Sing For Children
Studio album by The Simon Sisters
Released 1973
Recorded 1969
Genre Children's Folk
Label Columbia
Producer Arthur Shimkin
(Original 1969 Release)
Tim Geelan and Jim Timmens (Add'l Recoding and Mixing)
The Simon Sisters chronology
Sing the Lobster Quadrille The Simon Sisters Sing for Children The Kapp Recordings

Lucy & Carly - The Simon Sisters Sing For Children was The Simon Sisters fourth, and last album, released in 1973 by Columbia Records (Columbia CR21539). It was essentially a re-release of The Simon Sisters Sing The Lobster Quadrille And Other Songs For Children and contained the same songs and track listing, but with additional recording and mixing.[1] More percussion and guitars were added to give the songs a fuller 70's sound.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1
No. Title Lyric source Length
1. "Wynken, Blynken and Nod"   Eugene Field 2:27
2. "Calico Pie"   Edward Lear 3:00
3. "The Lamplighter"   Robert Louis Stevenson 1:49
4. "The Owl and the Pussycat"   Edward Lear 2:09
5. "Sleep, Baby, Sleep"   Adapted from Mother Goose by Lucy Simon 2:53
Side 2
No. Title Lyric source Length
6. "The Lamb"   William Blake 2:14
7. "The Lobster Quadrille"   Lewis Carroll 2:49
8. "Who Has Seen The Wind"   Christina Rossetti 2:20
9. "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"   Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 3:24
10. "A Red, Red Rose"   Robert Burns 2:50
11. "A Pavane For The Nursery"   William Jay Smith 2:33


  • Vocals: Lucy Simon, Carly Simon
  • Music composed by: Lucy Simon
  • Arranged and conducted by: Sam Brown
  • Original recording (1969) engineering: Fred Plaut, Roy Segal
  • Additional recording and mixing (1973): Tim Geelan, Jim Timmens
  • Produced for Columbia by: Arthur Shimkin
  • Cover photograph by: Barry Brown
  • Liner notes by: Mort Goode


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