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Ludewa District[1] is one of five districts in the Njombe Region in Tanzania, East Africa. Prior to 2012, the district was one of the seven districts of Iringa Region.[2] The town of Ludewa is the administrative seat of the district. A hospital is located in the city. The district is bordered to the north by the Njombe Rural District and Makete District, to the southeast by the Ruvuma Region and to the southwest by the country of Malawi across Lake Malawi/Lake Nyasa.

Ferry across the Ruhuhu river, Tanzania

According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the Ludewa District had a population of 128,155.[3]


The district has a wide shore of Lake Nyasa with attractive beaches in Luping and Manda and the mouth of Ruhuhu River.


The primary occupation is subsistence farming and livestock rearing. Along the coast of Lake Nyasa there is traditional fishing. There is a small amount of artisanal mining of gold and gem quality green tourmaline.[4]

Coal minining in Ludewa District near Lake Nyassa
Tebags at Luponde tea factory, 19992

Administrative subdivisions[edit]


For parliamentary elections, Tanzania is divided into constituencies. As of the 2010 elections Ludewa District had one constituency:[5]

  • Ludewa Constituency


Ludewa District is administratively divided into divisions.


As of 2002, Ludewa District was administratively divided into twenty-two wards:[3] After the reorganization where Ludewa was moved to Njome Region in 2012, there were twenty-five wards.[6]

2002 Wards[edit]

2012 Wards[edit]


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Coordinates: 10°00′S 34°45′E / 10.000°S 34.750°E / -10.000; 34.750