Ludo Dielis

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Ludo Dielis
Ludo Dielis 01.jpg
Medal record
Men's Three-cushion billiards
Representing  Belgium
UMB World Three-cushion Championship
Gold 1981 Cairo Individuals
Gold 1989 World Cup Individuals
Bronze 1990 World Cup Individuals
CEB European Three-cushion Championship
Silver 1973 Crosne Individuals
Silver 1974 Eeklo Individuals
Silver 1976 Valencia Individuals
Silver 1977 Lausanne Individuals
Bronze 1978 Copenhagen Individuals
Bronze 1982 Porto Individuals
Bronze 1987 Waalwijk Individuals

Ludo Dielis (born 23 February 1945) is a Belgian professional carom billiards player.

When Raymond Ceulemans, the reigning champion, opted not to participate in the world championship in 1981 over some circumstances,[clarification needed] Dielis was selected as a temporary replacement.[1] Rising to the occasion, he won the title besting Nobuaki Kobayashi.[clarification needed] He won the title again in 1989 against Torbjörn Blomdahl. The same year, he won the Three-Cushion World Cup.


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Preceded by
Torbjörn Blomdahl
Three-Cushion World Cup Champion
Succeeded by
Raymond Ceulemans