Ludwig Helmbold

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Ludwig Helmbold

Ludwig Helmbold (21 January 1532 – 8 April 1598) was a poet of Lutheran chorales.


Helmbold was born in Mühlhausen. He became a professor of Philosophy an der Erfurt University in 1554. In 1571 he was appointed a minister at the Marienkirche in Mühlhausen, later as Superintendent.[1]

Helmbold was crowned poeta laureatus by Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1566 on the Reichstag at Augsburg.[1]

The Mühlhausen cantors Joachim à Burck and Johannes Eccard set many of his more than hundred chorales to music. Some of his works were used by Johann Sebastian Bach in his cantatas, such as

A few of his songs are still included in the German Protestant hymnal.


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