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Ludwig W. Adamec is a noted scholar on the Middle East and Afghanistan. Adamec is Professor Emeritus in the School of Middle East and North African Studies at the University of Arizona.[1] He has written and edited numerous books, including the republication of the monumental Historical and political gazetteer of Afghanistan, which had originally been compiled but was unpublished by the government in British India.

List of publications[edit]

  • Ludwig W. Adamec. The A to Z of Islam. 2nd. ed. Paperback. 2009.
  • Ludwig W. Adamec. Afghanistan, 1900-1923: A Diplomatic History. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1967.
  • Ludwig W. Admec. Afghanistan's Foreign Affairs to the Mid-Twentieth Century: Relations with the USSR, Germany, and Britain. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1974.
  • Ludwig W. Adamec and Frank A. Clements. Conflict in Afghanistan: An Encyclopedia. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2003.
  • Ludwig W. Adamec. Historical and political gazetteer of Afghanistan. 6 vols. Graz: Akad. Druck- und Verl.-Anst., 1972-1985.
  • Ludwig W. Adamec. Historical dictionary of Afghan wars, revolutions, and insurgencies. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield,2nd. ed. 2005.
  • Ludwig W. Adamec. Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan. Lanham: The Scarecrow Press, Inc. 3rd ed. 2003.
  • Ludwig W. Adamec. Historical Dictionary of Islam. Scarecrow Press, 2nd ed. 2009.


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