Luffield Abbey

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Coordinates: 52°04′16″N 1°01′34″W / 52.071°N 1.026°W / 52.071; -1.026

Luffield Abbey is a village in the very north of Buckinghamshire, England. It is on the border with Northamptonshire, close to Biddlesden. It is one of the few examples in the country where there is an ancient parish with no church at its centre, though since the Victorian era it has been considered part of both Stowe in Buckinghamshire (although the two aren't neighbours) and Silverstone in Northamptonshire.

Little information remains of the ancient abbey from which the village takes its name though the name 'Luffield' is Anglo-Saxon and means 'Lufa's field'. There was no trace of the ancient abbey in a land survey conducted in 1732.

added: The remains of the abbey were found on the edge of the south east runway of the airfield which is now part of Silverstone Circuit. about 200mtr NE from stowe corner. Markings of the foundations can be seen in discolorations in the grass on some aerial images taken in the early 1990s.

Human remains were found nearby to the abbey in the 1970s. found to be monks who had been sufferers of the plague and buried face down.

foundations for Luffied chapel still exist in the hedgerows nearby to "chapel" corner of the circuit.

The corner Luffield on the Silverstone Circuit is named after this.