Lugard Road

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Lugard Road
Start of Lugard Road, next to the Peak Tower and The Peak Lookout: the white building is No. 1 Lugard Road.
Lugard Road is partially part of the Hong Kong Trail.

Lugard Road (traditional Chinese: 盧吉道; simplified Chinese: 卢吉道; pinyin: Lújí Dào; Cantonese Yale: lou4 gat1 dou6) is a popular walking path in Hong Kong. The road is semi-circular and links with Harlech Road to surround Victoria Peak. It is notable for its view, tranquility, and simplicity: continuing along the path will take visitors back to the Peak Tram station. Recent shotcreting efforts have blighted some sections.

Too narrow in most places to be a road, for much of its length Lugard Road serves more as a path winding past stands of wild banana, flowering creepers, and tropical vegetation. Densely shaded for most of its length, Lugard Road provides vistas of Victoria Harbour, distant islands, and densely packed city beneath. As seen from the road, most of the surrounding countryside is made up of extensive green hills with few buildings. The initial section of Lugard Road is part of Stage 1 of the Hong Kong Trail.[1]


The road was constructed as a promenade in 1913 and 1919. The construction was interrupted by the First World War.[2]

Built heritage:

  • Peak Tramways Office, No. 1 Lugard Road. Built about 1927 as a workshop, with an additional floor was added in 1953, it now serves as offices for the Peak Tramways Company.[3] It is a Grade III historic building since 2010.[4]
  • Victoria Gap Substation, No. 35 Lugard Road. Built in 1928 by the Hongkong Electric Company to distribute electricity to different populated areas and serve as a staff quarters.[5] It still operated as a residence for the staff and an electric substation for the locality.[6] It is a Grade III historic building since 2010.[4]


While there are a number of houses at various points along its length, Lugard Road—perhaps surprisingly given its harbour and island views—is not one of the Peak's more sought-after residential addresses. The road is too narrow for cars to pass in most places, the cliff sides for much of its length are too steep to build anything on, and the houses scattered along its length are often considered remote and difficult to access.


Many roads in Hong Kong recall former governors, colonial secretaries and commanding generals and this one, named after Sir Frederick Lugard, governor from 1907-12 is no exception. Hong Kong formed a brief Far Eastern interregnum in Lugard's career as a long and distinguished African administrator, and he is best remembered today for the creation of Nigeria. Along with his wife, the journalist Flora Shaw, Lugard was also instrumental in establishing the University of Hong Kong.

A panoramic view of Hong Kong from Lugard Road


Coordinates: 22°16′39″N 114°08′40″E / 22.27756°N 114.14439°E / 22.27756; 114.14439

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