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Location of
Map of Glubbdubdrib, Lugnagg, and other lands east of Japan (Hermann Moll, before 1726)
Series Gulliver's Travels
Creator Jonathan Swift
Genre Satire
Capital Traldragdubb or Trildrogdrib
Ethnic groups Luggnaggians
Government Monarchy

Luggnagg is an island kingdom, one of the imaginary countries visited by Lemuel Gulliver in the satire Gulliver's Travels by Anglo-Irish author Jonathan Swift.

According to Swift, Luggnagg is located one hundred leagues southeast of Japan. It has two principal ports, Clumegnig on the southeast coast, which is visited by ships from Maldonada (the port city of Balnibarbi), and Glanguenstald in the southwest, which has commerce with Japan. The capital of Luggnagg is Traldragdubb (also pronounced Trildrogdrib).[1][2]

Notable among the inhabitants of Luggnagg are the struldbrugs, unfortunates who are immortal but suffer the infirmities of old age.

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