Luhmühlen Horse Trials

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new west side of the show ground (for more images see CCI Luhmühlen)
Winner of the 2011 CCI 4*-event: Andreas Dibowski with Butts Leon
Mary King and Kings Temptress at the fence 27 a (e.on boat "at the quay")

The Luhmühlen Horse Trials are an annual equestrian eventing competition held in Luhmühlen, Salzhausen, Germany. Riders compete at the highest level: the CCI****. There are only six events of this kind in the world, the others being the Badminton Horse Trials, the Burghley Horse Trials, the Rolex Kentucky Three Day, the Australian International Three Day Event and the Stars of Pau.

Luhmühlen originally held CCI** and CCI*** events. The CCI**** event was first held in 2005, making it the first event in mainland Europe to hold an eventing competition at that level. Luhmühlen follows the new format, "without steeplechase."

In August 2011 Luhmühlen is the venue of the European Eventing Championships for the fifth time (1975, 1979, 1987, 1999, 2011).[1] Before this event the show ground was completely rebuilt.

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