Luigi Caetani

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Luigi Caetani (July 1595 – 15 April 1642) was an Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.

Caetani was born in Piedimonte. He served as Archbishop of Capua from 17 March 1624 until his resignation on 1 March 1627. He was ordained a Bishop on 12 June 1622 and appointed the Coadjutor Archbishop of Capua on 14 November 1622. Caetani was elevated to Cardinal on 19 January 1626 and installed as the Cardinal-Priest of S. Pudenziana on 9 February 1626.

Cardinal Caetani was consecrated to the episcopacy by Ludovico Ludovisi. Having himself consecrated Ulderico Carpegna, Caetani is in the episcopal lineage of Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI.

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