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Luigi Morleo (born 16 November 1970 in Mesagne, Province of Brindisi) is an Italian percussionist and composer of contemporary music, who lives in Bari and teaches in Bari Conservatory of Music - Niccolò Piccinni.

He appears in varied musical and artistic styles like rock-cross-over, folk-popular, jazz and DJ; however actors, film directors, painters and architects.

Many of his works have been played from Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra, Roma and Lazio Orchestra, Lyon Symphonietta, Bari Symphony Orchestra, Monopoli Conservatory Orchestra.

Morleo's music[edit]


  • Frammento Orfico in 16mm of A.Amoroso d'Aragona
  • No Pasaran! in VHS of F.Grimaldi e P.D’orazio
  • The voyage of Aenea in DVD of L.Vernieri

Live Soundtracks[edit]

Music categories[edit]


  • F.Versienti - PASSAGGIO A SUD-EST - Edizioni Laterza, 2002
  • L.Morleo - IL GESTO MUSICALE - Morleo Editore, 2006
  • AA.VV. - CINEASTI DI PUGLIA - Edizioni del Sud, 2007
  • AA.VV. - OMBRE SONORE - Edizioni del Sud, 2008

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