Luing cattle

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Luing cattle on the beach of Luing

Luing cattle are a beef breed developed on the island of Luing in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland[1] by the Cadzow brothers;[2] Ralph, Denis and Shane, after 1947. It was formed by breeding first cross Beef Shorthorn/Highland heifers to a Beef Shorthorn bull. The breed of red-brown cattle are moderately sized and extremely hardy. The intent was to produce a good beef cow with the ability to raise a calf under adverse weather conditions. It was officially recognised as a breed by the British government in 1965 and the Cadzows continue to farm on Luing and the surrounding islands, including Scarba and Torsa. The breed has been exported to countries across the world including Canada and New Zealand, and is highly regarded for hardiness and ease of handling.


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