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Luke Ski
Luke Ski.jpg
Luke Ski at Windycon 2005
Background information
Birth name Luke Collis Sienkowski
Born (1974-01-14) January 14, 1974 (age 41)
Genres Parody, Filk, Rap
Years active 1996–present
Associated acts Worm Quartet, Rob Balder
Members Luke Ski

Luke Collis Sienkowski (born January 14, 1974), better known as the great Luke Ski or simply as Luke Ski, is a parody, filk, and rap artist who writes, records and performs comedy music. The decapitalization of the words "the great" in Sienkowski's stage name is his own preferred spelling, and the title has appeared as such on all of his albums to date. He had the most requested song on the Dr. Demento radio show in 2002, 2003, and 2011 with his songs "Peter Parker" featuring Sudden Death, "Stealing Like a Hobbit", and "Snoopy the Dogg" respectively.[1][2]

Topics of his parodies have included The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Keanu Reeves and Hamlet. He has, in one song, parodied all the Star Trek television shows. His parody songs are reminiscent of the pop music works of "Weird Al" Yankovic. Luke helped bring parodies of rap and hip-hop to Science Fiction conventions. He does not play an instrument, and sings to pre-recorded music, often in costume or with props. Much of his work satirizes science fiction movies, television, and their marketing and are often from a fan perspective. Many of his longer works are snippets of song parodies collected together into an extended medley, such as Grease Wars or It's A Fanboy Christmas.

Since 1996, Luke has released numerous albums. He is a frequent performer at science fiction and gaming conventions. Luke is also a caricature artist, and has done the cover art for several of his own albums (with the notable exception of UnCONVENTIONal, which features the artwork of John Kovalic).

Luke Ski hosts the weekly show Dementia Revolution on Dementia Radio and has a bi-monthly podcast that he hosts with back-up vocalist Carrie Dahlby called "Luke and Carrie's Bad Rapport" where in each episode there are several segments in which the two talk about different things, this podcast also regularly features comedy music. He also is the co-host of "Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons" where he and fellow comedy musician Kyle Carrozza discuss animation related topics. Luke portrayed P.T. Barnum on three episodes of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.[3]

Luke appeared as several characters in the Shockwave Radio Theater production "Let's Play Doctor" at the 2004 Marscon.

He wrote and performed the theme song for the independent parody fanfilm The Dork of the Rings.


Below is a list of all of Ski's commercially released albums:

Studio Albums[edit]


Produced by Luke Ski[edit]

  • MarsCon 2007 Dementia Track Fund Raiser CD (2007) - produced and contributed to compilation
  • MarsCon 2008 Dementia Track Fund Raiser CD (2008) - produced and contributed to compilation
  • MarsCon 2009 Dementia Track Fund Raiser CD (2009) - produced and contributed to compilation

He has songs in several compilations featuring artists other than himself, including Technobabble, Laughter Is A Powerful Weapon Vol. 2, Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes, Volume 15 and Earpicac.

Video Compilations[edit]

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