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Lukoil Racing
Motor racing team
Founded 1997
Country Russia
Team Principal(s) Evgeniy Malinovskiy
Current series WTCC
Former series Russian Formula 1600
Russian Honda Civic Cup
Formula Renault 2000 Eurocup
Finnish Formula 3
Russian Formula 3
Formula RUS
Italian Formula 3
Drivers James Thompson
Mikhail Kozlovskiy
Alexey Dudukalo
Pavel Kalmanovich
Drivers' titles 2011 RTCC - Touring-Light (Sotnikov)
2010 RTCC - Touring-Light (Kozlovskiy)
2008-09 RTCC - Touring-Light (Dudukalo)
2004-06 Russian Honda Civic Cup (Dudukalo)
2005 Formula RUS (Romaschenko)
2004 Russian Formula 1600 (Pavlovskiy)
2004 Formula RUS (Afanasyev)
2003 Finnish Formula 3 (Belicchi)
2003 Formula RUS (Baiborodov)
2003 Supertourism (Dudukalo)
2002 Russian Formula 3 (Belicchi)
2002 Supertourism (Scilla)
2001 Supertourism (Scilla)
2000 Russian Formula 3 (Pedemonte)
1999 Russian Formula 3 (Pedemonte)
1999 Supertourism (Mezentsev)
1998 Russian Formula 3 (ASPAS) (Pedemonte)
1998 Supertourism (ASPAS) (Cherevan)
1997 Russian Formula 3 (ASPAS) (Pedemonte)
Teams' titles 2012 WTCC Yokohama Teams' Trophy
2008-11 RTCC - Touring-Light
2004-06 Russian Formula 1600
2004-06 Russian Honda Civic Cup
2003-05 Formula RUS
2003 Finnish Formula 3
2001-03 Supertourism
1999-00, 2002 Russian Formula 3
1999 Tourism-1600
1997-98 Russian Formula 3 (ASPAS)
1997-98 Tourism-1600 (ASPAS)

Lukoil Racing team is the leading Russian motorsport organization; its operations including management, driver training and support, engineering expertise and a quality technical environment, which enables continuous development, building, testing and race preparation.

Russian competitions[edit]

Formula RUS podium 2005
Dudukalo driving Touring-Light Ford Fiesta at Moscow City Racing 2008 show

Team was created in 1997 to participate in Russian Formula 3 and Tourism-1600 championships. With European level of organisation and sponsorship of Lukoil oil company team became the main force in Russian autosport arena. But budget and technology race with ArtLine Engenering in F3 and Lada Sport in Supertourism had led to closure of this championships. Lukoil Racing won 5 of 6 team titles in Russian F3 and 6 of 7 team titles in Supertourism in seasons it participated.

In 2003 Lukoil Racing creates junior team for Formula RUS. Team won all titles three years in a row, but in end of 2005 season decide to leave series.

Lukoil Racing easily won driver's and team's titles of Finnish Formula 3 Championship in 2003. In touring cars racing team chose Honda Civic Cup where won both titles 3 years in row. Lukoil back to competition with ArtLine in Russian Formula 1600 in 2004 and won 3 team's titles in a row, but only one driver's title in 2004.

From 2008 Lukoil decide to concentrate only on RTСC Touring-Light class. Team received Ford Russia manufacturer support and won both driver's and team's titles 4 years in a row. In the end of 2011 Touring-Light cars were sold. Lukoil Racing went to RTCC Touring class with manufacturer support of Lada Sport.



In 2009 Lukoil's driver Aleksey Dudukalo started to participate in SEAT León Eurocup with Sunred team. Year after Eurocup was folded and Lukoil decided to support Dudukalo and Sunred in 2011 WTCC season.


Tarquini and Dudukalo at 2012 Race of Japan

In 18 January Lukoil announced that will participate in 2012 WTCC season by own team with Gabriele Tarquini and Aleksey Dudukalo as drivers.[1] Tarquini won 1 race and finished at 4th place in championship, and the team won Yokohama Teams' Trophy.


In 2013 Lukoil Racing became manufacturer team supported by Lada Sport. First seat was taken by Lada's driver James Thompson. Dudukalo was replaced with Mikhail Kozlovskiy after crash at Round 1 qualification.


Formula 3000[edit]

Viktor Maslov in the Arden garage, 2001

In the end of 1998 Lukoil Racing decide to participate in International Formula 3000 Championship by own team with current Russian F3 drivers Alberto Pedemonte and Viktor Maslov. But Lukoil was late with 1999 season participation request and bought Christian Horner's Arden International team. Team was renamed to Lukoil Arden Racing and also starts participate in Italian Formula 3000. After scoring no points in 1999 season team was renamed to Arden Team Russia, Lukoil logotypes was replaced by inscription РОССИЯ (Russia). In mid-2001 Arden was sold back to Horner.

Drivers support program[edit]

In 2003 Lukoil Racing decided to create Drivers support program to promote Russian drivers on international racing arena. It's Lukoil's analog of Red Bull Junior Team.

Program starst with Mikhail Aleshin in Formula Renault 2000 Eurocup and other young drivers in Formula RUS. Lukoil Racing had own team in Formula Renault 2000 but later it was just a sponsor for other teams. Sometimes Lukoil drivers were also part of Red Bull Junior Team (Aleshin, Kvyat). From 2006 Lukoil starts to support Ukrainian, Finnish and Swedish drivers and later starts to support not only young drivers.

Driver Years Current series
Russia Sergey Afanasiev 2003– FIA GT Series/ADAC GT Masters
France Yvan Muller 2013– WTCC
Former drivers
Russia Sergey Sirotkin 2011–12
Sweden Patrik Flodin 2010–11
Russia Daniil Kvyat 2009–10
Russia Mikhail Aleshin 2003–09
Finland Mika Maki 2009
Ukraine Sergey Chukanov 2006–08
Finland Atte Mustonen 2008
Russia Yuri Baiborodov 2003–05
Russia Ivan Samarin 2004–05
Russia Sergey Romashenko 2005


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