Luksusowa (vodka)

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Type pure potato spirit Vodka
Manufacturer formerly state owned Polmos in Zielona Góra (Pernod-Ricard S.A.)
Country of origin Poland
Introduced 1928
Alcohol by volume 40%
Proof 80
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Luksusowa (namely Luxury vodka, Polish: Wódka luksusowa) is Polish brand of vodka distilled from potatoes. The fact that it is distilled from potatoes makes it stand out on the market, which is dominated by alcohols distilled mainly from cereal grains. Luksusowa was also available in 50% abv version named Black and in a lemon flavored variety.

In 2010, W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. became the exclusive USA importer for Luksusowa, selling and marketing the award-winning potato-based Vodka from Poland to distributors throughout the USA market.

Vodka Luksusowa is one of the oldest Polish vodkas in continuous production, being first sold in 1928. When Poland's boundaries were moved westwards after World War II, the production of Luksusowa was moved to its current site in Zielona Góra. According to the producer, Luksusowa has approximately 10% share in Poland's vodka market. It comes in different bottles, depending on the country.

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