Lukyanivka (neighborhood)

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For other uses, see Lukyanivka.

Lukyanivka (Ukrainian: Лук'янівка) is a historical neighborhood in the northwestern part of the city of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It is situated on the right bank of Dnieper, at a short distance from Babi Yar.

Geographical coordinates of the Lukyanivka are 50°27′27″N 30°29′21″E / 50.45750°N 30.48917°E / 50.45750; 30.48917Coordinates: 50°27′27″N 30°29′21″E / 50.45750°N 30.48917°E / 50.45750; 30.48917, the metro station located on the territory is Lukianivska.

The area is also known for the Lukyanivska Prison.

Historical overview[edit]

  • 1820 — first mention of Lukyanivka settlement;
  • 1824 — a mention of Kiev goldsmith S. Strelbytsky in the outskirts of Lukyanivka;
  • 1913 — first all-Russian olympiad in sports is held at the Sports Ground.