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Lumigon is a consumer electronics company based in Denmark.


The company was founded by Lars Gravesen.[1] It is the first Denmark based smartphone brand.[2] Gravesen wanted to create Android smartphones in 2009 with an "everyday functionality." [2]


Lumigon makes smartphone and related accessories, specifically for Android operating systems. Three of their devices, the T1, T2 and S1, serve as smartphones and remote controls for televisions.[1][3] The T1, which took two years to design and finalize, was scheduled for release in 2010.[4] The T2 was originally scheduled for release in late 2012.[5] In May 2013 T2 was available for sales in Europe and Asia. [6] [7] Both phones have a Bang & Olufsen audio system and use Gorilla Glass.[5][8][9] T2 also came with a vault for storage of passwords and confidential data. [10] [11] The design of Lumigon products pulls inspiration from Scandinavian design tradition.[4] The T2 smartphone has been highlighted as a stylish alternative to the popular brands on the market such as HTC, Samsung and the iPhone. [12] [13] In January 2014 Lumigon revealed plans about launching a 4G device.[14]


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