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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Creatures on the Loose #35 (May 1975)
Created by David Anthony Kraft and George Pérez
In-story information
Alter ego Arisen Tyrk, Harrison Turk
Team affiliations Empire State University

Lunatik is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

Publication history[edit]

Lunatik first appeared in Creatures on the Loose #35-37 (May-September 1975), and was created by David Anthony Kraft and George Pérez.

The character subsequently appears in Defenders #51-53 (September-November 1977), #55-56 (January-February 1978), #61-62 (July-August 1978), #64-65 (October-November 1978), Marvel Premiere #45-46 (December 1978, February 1979), and Defenders #70-73 (April-July 1979).

A different character named Lunatik appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #172-175 and Lunatik #1 (December 1995).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Arisen Tyrk was the tyrannical god-king of the dimension called Other Realm. He sought the power of the Godstone, which was bonded to John Jameson as the Man-Wolf. Tyrk hired Kraven the Hunter to attack Man-Wolf, but Man-Wolf fought Kraven off. Rebels from Other Realm brought the Man-Wolf to their land and he deposed Tyrk.[volume & issue needed]

Tyrk tried to escape though an extra-dimensional portal, but the portal was damaged and fragmented Tyrk into a number of forms in a number of realms. Four of Tyrk's fragments went to Earth, becoming the crazed Lunatik. These four duplicates of Tyrk plagued the Defenders until they were able to re-merge Lunatik into a more-or-less-whole Tyrk. He fought the Defenders in this form, but they were eventually able to defeat him.[volume & issue needed]

For a time he posed as drama professor Harrison Turk at Empire State University.[1]

Other characters named Lunatik[edit]

There is also a cosmic mercenary by the name of Lunatik. He once killed one of Tyrk's fragments, claiming that he didn't like anyone else "using his name."[volume & issue needed] He first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #172 (Jan 1995).

This Lunatik was seen on a prison ship, the Dredge 01, that was on its way to the Kyln. When it then crashed on Earth with Drax the Destroyer, Paibok, and the Blood Brothers as the only survivors. He seemingly met his end at the Destroyer's hand.[2]

This Lunatik or a possible fragment appeared (in another prison) as Dirty Wolff in Deadpool.[volume & issue needed]

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