Lung Cheung Road

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Lung Cheung Road near Wong Tai Sin.

Lung Cheung Road (Chinese: 龍翔道, Pinyin: Lóngxiáng Dào) is part of Route 7 in Hong Kong, linking Kwun Tong Road at Ngau Chi Wan and Ching Cheung Road near Tai Wo Ping. It is a dual 3-lane carriageway for its entire length.

Kwun Tong (connected by Kwun Tong Road) in Eastern Kowloon was the main manufacturing centre of Hong Kong during the 1960s. To provide a more efficient link to the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals and other industrial districts in the west, two roads were built along the hills to the north of developed Kowloon. The easterly one is Lung Cheung Road.

There are 8 major junctions along this road: Nam Cheong Street, Tai Wo Ping Interchange, Lion Rock Tunnel, Chuk Yuen Road, Ma Chai Hang, Po Kong Village Interchange, Hammer Hill Road and Ngau Chi Wan.

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Lung Cheung Road
Hong Kong Route 7 Chronology
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Kwun Tong Road
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