Lungi, Sierra Leone

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Lungi, Sierra Leone
Lungi, Sierra Leone
Coordinates: 8°54′N 12°32′W / 8.900°N 12.533°W / 8.900; -12.533Coordinates: 8°54′N 12°32′W / 8.900°N 12.533°W / 8.900; -12.533
Country Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra Leone
Province Northern Province
District Port Loko District
Population (2008 estimate)
 • Total 8,091 [1]
Time zone GMT (UTC-5)

Lungi is a small coastal town in Port Loko District in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. The town lies approximately 40 miles north of the district capital Port Loko[2] and had a population of 4185 in the 2004 census [1] with a recent population estimated at 8,091[3].

Lungi is best known for being home to the Lungi International Airport, the international airport that serves Sierra Leone. The sea separates Lungi from Sierra Leone's capital Freetown. Some of the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in Sierra Leone are based in Lungi.

There are frequent commercial helicopter, hovercraft, buses and ferry-service to Freetown and other parts of Sierra Leone from Lungi.


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