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Lunic in Dallas 2.jpg
Lunic in Dallas, TX. Kelly Williams Photography
Background information
Birth name Kaitee Page
Origin New York
Genres Indie, electro-pop, Synthpop
Instruments vocals, guitar, keyboards, viola, violin, piano, bass, electronic drums
Years active 2006-present

Lunic is award-winning songwriter, singer, electronic musician, & multi-instrumentalist Kaitee Page. A classically trained violist/violinist, Lunic fuses contemporary and classical instrumentation with electronic music composition. Lunic's most recent album, "Future Sex Drama", is a blend of dark ethereal synthpop and electronic rock similar to Metric, The xx, Lights, or Ladytron. "Glossy enough for the dance floor but retaining that sinister edge."[1] Originally from New York, Lunic is currently based in Dallas, Texas.

Lunic in Albany, NY. Julia Zave Photography, Erin Marzilli Makeup

In March 2008 Lunic became the third UK artist (17th artist worldwide) to raise $50,000 on European crowd-sourcing website Sellaband.[2] In May 2008, after having lived in London for over a year, Page was deported from the UK.[3] Instead of recording in London as planned, Page used the money to record Lunic's debut album, Lovethief, in NY with producer Peter Denenberg and mastering engineer Ted Jensen.[4][5] Lovethief was released 14 May 2009 and Lunic was subsequently interviewed by Good Morning America and the New York Times regarding fan-funded albums.[6][7]

Lunic has played hundreds of shows throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada[8] Her live performance has been described as, "a psychedelic display of lyric poetry in the form of an understated, powerful show."[9] In 2012, Lunic opened for Lights at Envol et-Macadam in Quebec City, Canada,[10]Moby at Larkfest in Albany, NY,[6][11][12]Youngblood Hawke in Clifton Park, NY[13]Mindless Self Indulgence in Albany, NY, Company of Thieves at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY,[14] Public Image Ltd. in Albany, NY, as well as Creed at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.[15]

Beginning and formation[edit]

Kaitee Page, born in upstate New York, attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN and moved to Los Angeles in 2003. Her experience as a performer began as an electric violinist and keyboard player in various LA-based pop/rock bands, most notably the Australian pop rock band Porcelain signed to Universal Records.[16] Page also studied acting at Playhouse West School & Repertory Theater while living in Los Angeles and has been cast in various short films, commercials, & plays.

Page began writing songs in 2005 after seeing the alt. rock band Muse perform live at Coachella Music Festival while simultaneously residing in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In 2006, Page left Porcelain amicably in order to pursue a songwriting career. In 2007 she relocated to London, and spent the next 7 years touring, traveling the world, writing new music, and studying Spanish, French, & German. Much of the inspiration for her writing is derived from her travels. To date, she has visited over 20 different countries.

Lunic in Montreal, QC, Photography by Baptiste Nobre[8]

Page coined the band name Lunic in early 2008 while living in London. Inspiration was derived from the fact that the word "lunic" did not exist in any language. Thus, the word "lunic" evokes mystery as well as images of the moon, space, femininity, lunacy, and all things cyclical.[17]

In 2009 Page returned to upstate NY to take care of her ailing father after he suffered a massive stroke. A year later, she relocated to Manhattan.

In 2012, following a series of problematic live shows and a growing disenchantment with the music industry, Page took a 14-month sabbatical from music to rediscover the role of music in her life. At the end of the sabbatical, Page moved to Dallas, TX to study audio engineering at MediaTech Institute and begin writing/recording her fourth studio album.


Lunic's first release, in 2008, was a collection of demo songs called Skeletons, written & recorded in California, followed quickly by the EP Splinter, recorded in London in just 3 days. They were followed up in 2009 by Lunic’s official debut album titled Lovethief written & recorded in upstate NY. In 2012, she released Future Sex Drama, a full-length written & recorded in Germany & New York City, originally described as “sultry, ethereal synthpop” by Lunic herself.

On Future Sex Drama, Lunic begins taking her first steps as co-producer alongside Peter Denenberg, bringing together the experimentation behind her early work and a cutting edge pop aesthetic.

Each album tackles a different set of influences and styles. Lunic is known for dabbling in different genres. Her newest album, Future Sex Drama, incorporates influences as wide as The xx, Ladytron, Metric, and Placebo drawing from genres like electro-pop, new wave, synthpop, darkwave, alternative, and art-rock. This approach has allowed the project to remain flexible and evolving.

For live performances, Lunic regularly performs with a live drummer and/or various accompanying musicians, and often plays solo shows, using her laptop, samplers, & midi as well as the various live instruments she plays: electric violins, guitars, & keyboards.

Lunic's recent work has been compared to The xx and Portishead, "Lunic make(s) distinctive and sultry psychedelic indie with hints of downbeat British electronica acts The xx and Portishead, mournful dashes of violin and melodic lead guitar flourishes." -NXNE[18] She describes her work as “a sensual, cathartic escape.”

Kaitee Page of Lunic on stage at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ, April 2012[8]





Songwriting awards[edit]


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