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Luosifen (Chinese: 螺蛳粉; Pinyin: luó sī fěn; lit. Snail rice noodle) is a Chinese noodle dish and a speciality of the city of Liuzhou, in Guangxi, southern China.[1]

The dish consists of rice noodles boiled and served in a soup made from a stock made from river snails and pork bones which are stewed for hours with black cardamom, fennel seed, dried tangerine peel, cassia bark, cloves, pepper[disambiguation needed], bay leaf, licorice root, sand ginger, and star anise. The soup does not usually contain any snail meat but pickled vegetables, fu zhu, fresh green vegetables, peanuts and chili are usually added.[2] Diners can also add extra chili, coriander leaf (cilantro), garlic etc. to suit their own taste.

The dish is served in both small "hole in the wall" type restaurants and in luxury hotel restaurants in Liuzhou city (the latter may include snails in the dish). In recent years, many several luosifen restaurants have been established in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc as well as overseas.[3] Instant versions are also available on the web at merchandising sites such as Taobao.[4]


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