Lupe Fuentes

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Lupe Fuentes
Lupe Fuentes 2010.jpg
Lupe Fuentes attending the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada in 2010
Born (1987-01-27) January 27, 1987 (age 27)[1]
Santiago de Cali,
Other names Zuleidy, Little Lupe, Zuleidy Lapiedra[1]
Ethnicity Spanish
Height 4 ft 11 in (1.50 m)[1]
Weight 88 lb (40 kg; 6.3 st)[1]
No. of adult films 18 (per IAFD)[1]

Lupe Fuentes (nicknamed Little Lupe) is a Spanish singer, dancer and former[2] pornographic actress[3] known for her diminutive stature.

Early life[edit]

Her father is from Spain and her mother is originally from Colombia. She grew up in Tenerife, Spain under very poor circumstances. Her single mother had no home or a job, so Fuentes wore clothing from charities at a local church and slept at the houses of her mother's friends.[4] She dropped out of school so she could work and help her mother.[4]


In 2009, a man was arrested in Puerto Rico for the possession of child pornography discovered during an airport search. He had a DVD called "Little Lupe the Innocent"[5] in his possession and was arrested because federal agents thought that Lupe was underage. His case went to trial and a pediatrician testifying for the prosecution claimed that Lupe had to be underage because of her appearance. Lawyers for the defense, however, found Lupe's website and contacted her, and sent her a subpoena so she could testify. She showed her passport in court and proved that she was 19 years old when the movie was made, and he was cleared of all charges.[6]

The Ex-Girlfriends[edit]

Lupe is the lead singer of the pop group The Ex-Girlfriends, formed in September or October 2012.[2] They released two singles: "We Are The Party" released on November 6, 2012[7] and "Whatchya Looking At?" released on 18 March 2013.[8] The two singles were aggressively promoted through social media, video ads, as well as pop-up ads, which automatically loaded the YouTube videos for each song (and hence contributed to the YouTube view count).[9][10][11]

In 2013, a second official YouTube account, "xgfmusic," was created, apparently as a mirror of the still-active original account ("xgfparty") – it contains duplicates of the main content, and was possibly intended to counterbalance the high ratio of dislikes to likes in the virally promoted music videos.[12]




  • 2006: FICEB Award in the Category Best New Spanish Actress – Posesió[15]
  • 2009: Hot d'Or in the Category: Best European Actress – 100% Zuleidy[16]
  • 2010: AVN Award in the Category: Best New Web Starlet[17]
  • 2010: NightMoves nomination for the Best New Starlet[18]
  • 2011: XBIZ nomination for Female Performer of the Year[19]
  • 2011: XRCO Cream Dream award nomination[20]


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