Lurk (TV series)

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Lurk (潜伏) .jpg
Title screen - translating "Lurk, based from the novel of the same title by Long Yi"
Genre Spy / thriller drama
Created by Guangdong Southern Television Station
Written by Long Yi
Directed by Jiang Wei
Starring Sun Honglei
Yao Chen
Shen Aojun
Jaydon Zhao
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 30
Producer(s) Zhang Jing
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Original channel Dragon TV
Chongqing Television
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Traditional Chinese 潛伏
Simplified Chinese 潜伏

Lurk is a 2009 Chinese television series based on a spy novel. The series is directed by Jiang Wei.


The story took place after the Japanese surrendered and the civil war broke out earlier in 1946.

An underground worker for the Communist Party, Yu Zecheng (Sun Honglei), is an undetected spy within the Kuomintang (KMT) secret service. He has to keep his distance from his true love, Zuo Lan, in order to conceal his real identity and agrees to 'marry' Wang Cuiping (Yao Chen), a quick-tempered but straightforward guerrilla fighter from the countryside.

The two collaborate closely on this arranged yet fake marriage to help their organization obtain lots of important and valuable information from the KMT, however, they really fall in love with one another as the story develops.

With the liberation day impending, Cuiping, threatened by identity exposure, is asked to leave Yu and be transported somewhere else for security reasons.

When Yu is also about to leave, after successfully obtaining a crucial name list, he is taken away by the KMT secret police on a secret service assignment to Taiwan, where he has to spend the rest of his life, lurking.


  • Sun Honglei as Yu Zecheng
  • Yao Chen as Cui Ping
  • Zu Feng as Li Ya
  • Feng Enhe as Wu Jingzhong
  • Wu Geng as Lu Qiaoshan
  • Shen Aojun as Zuo Lan
  • Fan Yulin as Ma Kuo
  • Zhu Jie as Mu Wanqiu
  • Cao Bingkun as Xie Ruolin
  • Ma Junqin as Mrs. Wu
  • Liu Changwei as Qiu Zhanggui
  • Lu Yu as Luo Zhanggui
  • Wang Yo as Liao Sanmin
  • Shi Wenzhong as Li Haifeng
  • Sun Lan as Xu Baofeng
  • Xu Jingling as Mrs. Ma
  • Bian Tao as Lu Zongfang
  • Zhang Guoqing as Mu Liancheng
  • Liu Yanyu as Secretary Hong
  • Cui Song as Wang Zhanjing
  • He Bo as Zhou Yafu
  • Pang Bai as Xu Tao


Lurk received a great praised from audiences. Many rated the series highly, calling it "a milestone in Chinese television productions" for the innovative break-away from the traditional style of spy drama. The series' recreation of a character with so many personalities was also praised by the majority audience.[1]

Many viewers consider this is different from what we have usually seen on screen, actor Sun Honglei presents a refreshing spy image and displays the true-to-life personality of a spy in a high danger-plagued existence full of espionage, pretend to be foolish and just dress like an ordinary person in office, that is a realistic mainstream to daily life.[2]

Lurk Spy Museum[edit]

In addition to the TV Series, A museum has been established in Tianjin, where the script was written and the main plot took place. In Da Li Dao 57, guests are welcome to come and see Wang Tian Mu's old residence, which is now a private owned museum as well as a restaurant. Many of the objects used in the TV series can be seen there, and it is possible to have Tianjins local historian to come and talk about the house, the area and the city. Some of the scenes in the TV series were also taken in this place.[3]


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