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The Lutheran Church in Korea is Confessional Lutheran church in Republic of Korea. It is only Lutheran church in South Korea and has 5,857 baptized members, 5,210 communicant members, 37 congregations, 42 active pastors and a seminary. President of the church is Rev. Dr. Chul-Hwan Kim.[1]


In 1958 The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS) three missionary families and a Korean national worker, Dr. Won-Yong Ji arrived to Korea. That was beginning of Lutheran mission in Korea. Since 1971 Lutheran Church in Korea (LCK) has been a partner church of the LCMS. LCK also belongs to Lutheran World Federation since 1972. LCK is only Lutheran church body in Korea. LCK has a theological college and seminary, Luther Theological University. LCK operated a publishing ministry, the Korea Bethel Series Bible study program, radio outreach through the Korea Lutheran Hour and a Christian correspondence course program.[1]


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