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Lux Capital
Industry Venture capital
Founded 2000
Founders Peter Hébert
Robert Paull
Josh Wolfe
Headquarters New York, NY, USA

Lux Capital is a venture capital firm founded by Peter Hébert, Robert Paull, and Josh Wolfe[1] in 2000[2] . The firm, based in New York with an office in Menlo Park, invests in emerging technologies in the physical and life sciences.[3][4] The Lux Capital team has built more than 20 companies from scratch.[3]

Lux Capital's portfolio companies include Accelergy, Cambrios, Cerulean Pharma, Crystal IS, Everspin, Evolv Technologies, Genocea Biosciences, Gridco Systems, Kala Pharmaceuticals, Magen Biosciences, Molecular Imprints, Nanosys, Visterra, QD Soleil, SiBEAM, Shapeways, Silicon Clocks, Siluria Technologies, Sols and Transphorm.[5]

In April 2011, former McKinsey Senior Partner Richard N. Foster and former CIA Director James Woolsey joined Lux Capital as venture partners.[6] In August 2012, form Pfizer Chairman and CEO Jeff Kindler joined Lux Capital as a venture partner.[7]

Lux manages about $350 million in assets.[8]

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