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Coordinates: 49°37′25.51″N 6°8′53.21″E / 49.6237528°N 6.1481139°E / 49.6237528; 6.1481139

Legal Status Economic Interest Grouping (EIG)
Established 1984
Location Luxembourg-city, Luxembourg
Managing Director Jean-Paul Schuler
Languages French, German, English and Luxembourgish

Luxinnovation is the National Agency for Innovation and Research in Luxembourg. Through its dual position of working closely with enterprises and research organisations as well as with the authorities in charge of innovation and research related policies, the Agency is at the heart of the national innovation and research system. Luxinnovation is part of the European reference networks concerning R&D and innovation.


Founded in 1984, the Agency is an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG) that, since 1998, has combined the efforts of:

  • the Ministry of the Economy
  • the Ministry for Higher Education and Research
  • the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
  • the Chambre des Métiers
  • Fedil – Business Federation Luxembourg


  • Promote research, innovation, technology transfer and the creation of innovative companies in Luxembourg
  • Inform and support company creators, enterprises, and research organisations
  • Support enterprises, research organisations and promoters of innovative projects at each phase of their projects, from the identification of their needs to assistance in finding financing and the launch of a product or service
  • Assist and advise the government in the area of research, development and innovation
  • Raise public awareness on research, development, innovation, creativity and design

Luxinnovation offers services to actors involved in the fields of research and development (R&D) and innovation (enterprises, researchers, research organisations, company creators, students, etc). The personalised services provided by the Agency include help to secure financing, the search for partners, creating innovative enterprises or carrying out technology transfer. The Agency provides its customers with targeted information as well as its networks and contacts while respecting confidentiality. Luxinnovation offers its services free of charge.

The support offered by Luxinnovation can be adapted to every context and situation due to its personalised assistance services. A specific team is formed for each project in order to maximise the chances for successful projects or innovative approaches.


Access to national and European funding

  • Information and guidance on suitable funding mechanisms
  • Assistance with the preparation of applications and the endorsement of public decision-makers

Support for innovative start-ups

  • Analysis of the innovative idea and the related business plan, and access to national business incubators
  • Identification of prospective partners and investors

Innovation management, creativity and design

  • Comprehensive training programmes (innovation management and intellectual property)
  • Luxembourg Innovation Masterclass
  • Promotion of design and creativity in support of innovation

Technology transfer and partner search

  • Access to the Technology Market of the "Enterprise Europe Network"
  • Identification of potential partners and contact initiation

Intellectual property and valorisation of research results

  • Awareness-raising activities and guidance on intellectual property
  • Coaching for the socio-economic valorisation of research results

Luxembourg Cluster Initiative

  • Management of the Automative Components, BioHealth, EcoInnovation, ICT, Materials and Space Clusters
  • Support for project preparation within the framework of public-private partnerships

Promotion of research and innovation "Made in Luxembourg"

  • Organisation of seminars and events
  • Production of communication tools (brochures, websites, etc.)
  • Management of the Luxembourg Portal for Innovation and Research (
  • Publication of the magazine "FOCUS on Research and Innovation in Luxembourg"

Luxinnovation is part of the European reference networks concerning R&D and innovation. The Agency is the National Contact Point for Horizon 2020, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the intergovernmental initiative EUREKA.