Lya Barrioz

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Lya Barrioz
Lya Barrioz.jpg
Background information
Born June 8[year missing]
Origin Managua, Nicaragua
Occupation(s) Singer, Actress
Years active 1989–present

Ligia Barrios, better known as Lya Barrioz, is a Nicaraguan singer and actress.[1] Barrioz took her first artistic steps in 1989 when she won 3rd place and "Most Applauded Song" in the Festival de la Canción Romántica Nicaragüense "Rafael Gastón Pérez".[1]



In 1992 Barrioz became the lead singer of the Nicaraguan band Macolla, where she sang for almost 4 years. With this band Barrioz recorded two CDs, Sueños (Dreams) and Bailarlo Contigo (Dance it with you), signed and distributed by Sony Music label.[1] Barrioz also holds the record of having the first music video shot in film format in the history of Nicaragua with Macolla, "Sólo Soy" (I Only Am).

In 1997 Barrioz launched her first CD as a solo artist, Razones Prohibidas (Forbidden Reasons).[1] She later went on to represent Nicaragua at the "Festival Internacional de la Canción OTI 2000" in Acapulco, México.

Barrioz has sung duos with Julio Sabala, a well-known Dominican imitator,[2] Hernaldo Zúñiga and with Luis Enrique known as "el Príncipe de la Salsa”" (the Prince of Salsa) in Nicaragua.[3]

During her career, Barrioz has had invitations to many international as well as national events such as "Teletón de Costa Rica", "Teletón de Nicaragua",[3] "Voces Unidas por Nicaragua", "¡Qué Viva la Tradición!" and “Homenaje a Los Beatles”.[4] As well as the inaugurations of the Acoustic Conch in Managua and the "Casino del Sol".

In 2006 Barrioz was invited by the Nicaraguan boxing champion, Ricardo Mayorga, to sing the Nicaraguan National Anthem, Salve a ti, Nicaragua, in the boxing ring before his fight with Oscar de la Hoya.[5]


Barrioz made her debut as an actress in 2006 in the Rossana Lacayo's shortfilm Brisa Nocturna (Night Breeze).[5] Brisa Nocturna has competed at over 20 international independent film festivals and has already won the following awards: "Best Actress" in the San Francisco Shortfilm Festival, "Best Artistic Direction" in the "Festival de Cine de Granada" and "La Réalisation Intégrale" in the "Festival du Cinéma de Bruxelles".[citation needed]


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