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Lycée Lakanal is a secondary public school (enrollment 3,000) in Sceaux, France. It was named after Joseph Lakanal, a French politician, and an original member of the Institut de France. The school also offers a middle school and highly ranked "classes préparatoires" undergraduate training. Famous French scientists and writers have graduated from lycée Lakanal, such as Jean Giraudoux, Alain-Fournier and Frédéric Joliot-Curie. The school includes a science building, a large park, a track, and dormitories for the Pôle Espoir Rugby and the boarding students. Several teachers also live at the school along with boarding students. The main classrooms and the dormitories are in one building, and the school uses space heaters in every classroom except the science building's classrooms and the gymnasium.[1]

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The Lycée Lakanal in popular culture[edit]

Lycée Lakanal is the visual basis for the fictional Kadic Junior High School/Kadic Academy from Code Lyoko.

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Coordinates: 48°46′35″N 2°18′15″E / 48.77639°N 2.30417°E / 48.77639; 2.30417