Lycopolis (Delta)

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Lycopolis (Delta)
Lycopolis (Delta) is located in Egypt
Lycopolis (Delta)
Lycopolis (Delta)
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 31°5′N 30°57′E / 31.083°N 30.950°E / 31.083; 30.950Coordinates: 31°5′N 30°57′E / 31.083°N 30.950°E / 31.083; 30.950
Country  Egypt
Time zone EST (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)

Lycopolis or Lykopolis (Greek: Λυκούπολις, Strabo xvii. p. 802; Steph. B. s. v.), or the Deltaic Lycopolis was an ancient town in the Sebennytic nome in Lower Egypt, in the neighbourhood of Mendes, and, from its appellation, apparently founded by a colony of Osirian priests from the town of Lycopolis in Upper Egypt. The Deltaic Lycopolis was the birthplace of the Neo-Platonic philosopher Plotinus in 204. (Suidas, p. 3015.)