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Lydia Sargent (born 10 January 1942) is a longtime radical[citation needed] American feminist. She is a writer, author, playwright, and actor. She was a founder and original member of the South End Press Collective, as well as Z Magazine, which she co-edits and co-produces. She organizes the Z Communications Institute every year as well as teaching classes there. She is also a member of the interim consultative committee of the International Organization for a Participatory Society.[1]

Her plays include "I Read About My Death In Vogue Magazine" and "Playbook" with Maxine Klein and Howard Zinn. She is the editor of Women and Revolution: The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism and Feminism (South End Press, 1981), which features a lead essay by Heidi Hartmann. Lydia Sargent wrote the long-running "Hotel Satire" column for Z Magazine, "where gals come to learn their true purpose on this earth, i.e., to service men".[2]


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