Lydian (typeface)

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Category Sans-serif
Designer(s) Warren Chappell
Foundry ATF
Lydian sample text

Lydian is a typeface designed by Warren Chappell for American Type Founders in 1938. While the stressed letter designs (most notably in the rounded capitals C, G, O, and Q) suggest a calligraphic style, this is considered a sans-serif font. It is available in bold, italic, and condensed, as well as a Cursive variant. The original foundry font was commissioned and cast by American Type Founders and included an alternate capital A with a cross bar and the original italic used old-style figures for numerals. The various members of the family were introduced over the course of eight years:

  • Lydian + Italic (1938)
  • Lydian Bold + Italic (1938)
  • Lydian Cursive (1940)
  • Lydian Condensed + Italic (1946)

It was used by the International Baccalaureate Organization in their document section headings until 2007.

A U.S. design patent was applied for on 11 January 1939 and was granted (#116,996) on 3 October 1939.

Lucille Ball used the font effectively for the end credits of both her later color television series The Lucy Show (1962–68) - the later episodes - and its immediate successor Here's Lucy (1968–74)

It was also used for the on-screen credits on the television series Friends (1994–2004).