Lymington River

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Lymington River
Highland Water
Ponies by lymington river near brockenhurst.jpg
New Forest ponies grazing next to the Lymington River near Brockenhurst
Country England
Region Hampshire
District New Forest
 - left Long Brook, Bagshot Gutter, Etherise Gutter
 - right Warwickslade Cutting, Fletchers Water, Ober Water, Passford Water
 - location Ocknell Plain, Hampshire
 - location Lymington, Hampshire
Length 22 km (14 mi)

The Lymington River is a small river in Hampshire, England, flowing through the New Forest into the Solent at the town of Lymington. The river has a total length of 22 kilometres (14 mi), although the initial part, north of Brockenhurst, is known as Highland Water.

Highland Water rises north of the Ocknell Inclosure (SU243125) and flows for 10 kilometres (6 mi) to Bolderford Bridge (SU291041) where it meets Ober Water. From then on it is known as the Lymington River and flows for a further 12 kilometres (7 mi) until it enters the Solent (SZ3493).


The river's extensive reedbeds are an important Site of Special Scientific Interest.

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Coordinates: 50°45′N 1°32′W / 50.750°N 1.533°W / 50.750; -1.533