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Lynam, also spelled Lynham, is the Anglicised form of the Modern Irish surname, Ó Laigheanáin (originally Ó Laidhghneáin in earlier forms of Irish) which can be roughly translated as someone of Laighean / Laidhghn (Leinster) descent. It is thought to have its roots in Contae Uíbh Fhailí (County Offaly), a county in the heart of Ireland and the west of Cúige Laighean, the province of Leinster.

It is unclear whether Ó Laigheanáin was once a clann (extended family) or túath (larger community or nation). However, due to the seemingly important meaning of the name,[citation needed] this is possible. There are eight references to the Ó Laigheanáin in the Annals of the Four Masters, all prior to 1100 AD.

The surname is related to names such as Leaneagh, Laighneach, Lynagh, etc.


Lynam may be:

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