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Lynda Page
Born Leicester, UK
Pen name None
Occupation Novelist
Genre Saga

Lynda Page (born c.1950) is a Leicestershire-based author.

Page is one of the UK's top-selling saga authors who has written over 20 bestselling critically praised novels. Her novels have reached the bestseller charts of WH Smiths and The Sunday Times.[citation needed]

Early work[edit]

Born and raised in Leicester, Page began writing her first novel in 1987.[1] She began writing the novel during her lunch hours while working as a secretary for Land Rover Parts in Desford.[2] Annie, her first book, was sent by a friend to literary agent Darley Anderson, who helped her sign a contract with her current publishers, Headline. Her debut novel, Evie, was released in 1992, followed by Annie. Her following two books had the main character as the title; later her titles were popular sayings.[citation needed]


Page's novels are predominantly set in Leicester and are renowned for their strong plots and characters. Her books are rich in Leicestershire dialogue and feature gritty plots with page-turning twists, often involving a sense of intrigue or crime.[citation needed] Initially, her books were set at the turn of the 20th century (At the toss of a sixpence) to the 1970s (Josie). During the 2000s, she found a niche writing saga's set in the 1950s and 60's.[citation needed]


  • Evie (1992)
  • Annie (1993)
  • Josie (1994)
  • Peggie (1994)
  • And One for Luck (1995)
  • Just by Chance (1996)
  • At the Toss of a Sixpence (1997)
  • Any Old Iron (1998)
  • Now or Never (1999)
  • In for a Penny (2000)
  • All or Nothing (2001)
  • A Cut Above (2002)
  • Out with the Old (2003)
  • Against the Odds (2004)
  • No Going Back (2004)
  • Whatever it Takes (2005)
  • A Lucky Break (2005)
  • For What It's Worth (2006)
  • Onwards and Upwards (2006)
  • The Sooner the Better (2007)
  • A Mother's Sin (2007)
  • Time For A Change (2008)
  • No Way Out (2008)
  • Secrets To Keep (2009)
  • A Bitter Legacy (2010)
  • The Price To Pay (2011)
  • A Perfect Christmas (2012)
  • The Time Of Our Lives (2013)


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