Lynda Stoner

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Lynda Stoner
Lynda Stoner - photo by David Shapter, HarbourView Magazine.jpg
Photo taken July 2009
Born (1953-09-10) 10 September 1953 (age 61)
Occupation Television actor
Spouse(s) Peter Sumner (divorced)
Children Luke Sumner

Lynda Stoner is a pioneering Australian animal rights activist and former actress.[1] She is the Chief Executive of Animal Liberation, an animal rights charity.[2]

Animal liberation advocate[edit]

Stoner became a prominent spokesperson for animal rights issues in the early 1980s and subsequently left acting to focus on this area. She currently holds the position of Chief Executive, Animal Liberation NSW. In May 2013, Stoner compared hunting photos to images of child pornography, bestiality, snuff murders, rape and torture.[3]

Theatre career[edit]

Worked predominately on stage including Don's Party, Rumours, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Emerald City

Television career[edit]

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Stoner was known for several roles on Australian television and was popularly regarded as a sex symbol. She appeared in The Paul Hogan Show, then had leading regular roles in the soap opera The Young Doctors from 1977 to 1979 and followed this with the police drama Cop Shop.[1][4] In 1985 she played the glamorous villain Eve Wilder in the cult soap opera Prisoner and her character was spectacularly lynched during the infamous episode 600 riot, screened in 1986. This was followed by a guest role in the raunchy drama serial Chances in 1991 where she played a sex therapist.

Movie role[edit]

One of her cinema roles is the 1982 exploitation film Turkey Shoot, made during a break from Cop Shop.

Personal life[edit]

She is divorced from fellow actor Peter Sumner and has a son named Luke.

Stoner, at one stage was engaged to media personality Derryn Hinch.[5]


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